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Micro Resistivity Imager

ANTARES developed a Micro Resistivity Imager with 6-arm design compatible with all ANTARES 3 3/8" Open Hole Instruments and fulfilling the ANTARES standard ratings: Temperature 175°C (350°F) and Pressure 135 MPa (20,000 psi). This Resistivity Imager provides essential data for the formation evaluation. The Borehole Resistivity Imager tool is a pad type instrument measuring the formation microconductivity through an array of resistivity sensors. Motorized arms press the pads with the sensors firmly against the borehole wall ensuring good contact to the formation for a high image quality. The pad design reduces also the effects of washouts and borehole rugosity. The best results can be achieved in conductive, water-based muds.

In comparison to an Acoustic Imager, the Resistivity Instrument has a 10 times higher spatial resolution and an approximately 500 times higher amplitude resolution due to the difference in contrast between the resistivity and acoustic impedance ranges. The Resistivity Imager always runs together with the Orientation Tool providing all information on Deviation and Azimuth of the tools.

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